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tv   Action News  ABC  December 18, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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a drug store holdup and military monday gets surprise of her life from the guy in the bird suit a drug store holdup and military monday gets surprise of her life >> thursday nights and the big story on "action news" tonight is new video of a take down, an arrest and drug store robby and assault of police officer. live at runameadecvs on black
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horse pike an off duty cop made sure the suspect did not get far. >> that's right, jim, it's not every day you hear a story like this but it happened here at this cvs pharmacy and off duty officer and his son happened to be shopping here when things got crazy and they jumped into action. it was all captured on surveillance tape. >> i'll tell you, when it was going on it was happening. and i really didn't think too much about it. >> sergeant dan murry and son brian say it was 8:30 when they went into cvs to buy shampoo and vitamins they see a man wearing a mask and customers yell stop him he's a thief. >> i tackled him. >> the drama was captured on surveillance at the doorway of the pharmacy. >> he started to resist i got mad and lost it he was trying to
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fight with my dodd dad. i jumped in and we had him on the grounds in five seconds. >> it was pretty crazy. >> the us is secretary is 27-year-old matthew p. donahue held up pharmacist at knifepoint demanding all the oxycontin he had $11,000 worth of pills. oun formed officers took donahue into custody. for sergeant murry another day on the job even when off duty. >> i'm eye trained police officer. i acted how every police officer should act. my son and the other private citizen wept above and beyond. they got involved and they helped me stop this crime. >> let me guess what do you want to be when you grow up? >> well i was thinking about being a cop, we'll see. >> so happy ending during the holidays. as for the spution suspect matthew p. donahue he's at camden county jail on $100,000 bail. he's awaiting arraignment scheduled for next week. we're live in runnemede new
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jersey, dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you, dann a robber who held up a phone store in wissanoming is on the run tonight. police were called to metro pcs store conley street 6:30 tonight witnesses tell police the armed man walked in and demand money and robber ran off with a few hundred dollars. police are investigating whether tonight's robbery is connected to the holdup of another metro pcs store on castor avenue last night. and a man in 30s in critical condition after a shooting in camden. gunfire erupted on the 700 block of therman street 7:00. medics rushed him to cooper university hospital police don't have a suspect or motive that hour. chester county couple accused of torturing a 3-year-old boy to death went before a judge today. gary felenbaum and jillian tait
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waived right to preliminary hearing and the couple is charged with murder ago tate's son scotty mcmillan. he was whipped, tied up and beaten to death inside a hobl home in west callen township. formal arraignment is set for december 31. the bucks countsy district attorney says a sex tape involving minors may be a case of incest. school officials say several students were caught watching the video involving a roosevelt middle school student. police confiscated several phones to determine the origin of the video. a new law makes it illegal for minors to send and receive nude images. the da says this case may rise to a much more serious level of child pornography. >> reaction continues to president obama historic mood to normize relings with cuba. this was havana today where there's cautious optimism this will be good for cuba
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economically and politically. the reaction is split. pope francis helped guide the u.s. and cuba through year and a half of secret talks making direct appeals to president obama and raul castro. plans to normalize relations with cuba could cast light on case of fugitive joanne questionsmart accused of killing a state trooper after a traffic stop on the new jersey turnpike in 1973. she escaped from prison and plead to cuba where fidel castro graphed her asylum. she's on fbi most wanted list with $2 million waiting for information leading to her capture. a five-alarm fire any queens, new york was under control tonight and blaze erupted 4:30, fourth floor of apartment building more than 200 firefighters responded to the scenech the fire impacted subway traffic on elevated line. there was only one minor injury
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reported. the cause of the blaze is still unknown. boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev appeared in court today for a brief pretrial hearing. his lawyer told the judge he plans to file a motion to delay the trial. jury selection is expected to begin on january 5. but it was outside the courtroom that saw the most trauma. a survivor of the bombing confronted two women who say tsarnaev is innocent. mark truckreel angrily held up his prosthetic leg in protest. >> the movie the interview now that sony pictures cancelled release many outraged lum fairyes in hollywood are denoupsing the decision caughting it assault on creative expression. government says hacking of sony pictures and threats against theaters sin deed the work of north korea. film depicted assassination of north korea president and in a
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strong statement jimmy kimmel called the cancellation "unamerican act of cowardness that validates terrorist actions and sets a per fewing precedent." >> dow jones had biggest day in three years surging more than 3 0 0 points to end the day. the federal reserve indicated it is in no rush to raise interest rates. dow closed up 421 points today or 2.4%. that is the largest 1-day gain since december 2011. nasdaq and s&p also finished on very positive notes today. it appears that the taj mahal in atlantic city is getting a temporary reprieve but only that at least for now. billionaire investor carl icon is throwing casino 20 million lifeline to keep it open during bankruptcy proceedings. this comes on heels of crushing dispointsment today when talks
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to keep the slots humming permanently collapsed. the award of philadelphia second and final casino license is being appealed in a pennsylvania supreme court. today developer bart blatstein denied license and filed appeal as did owners of sugarhouse casino. regulate areas warded license to live casino hotel to be built near the south philadelphia stadium complex. blatstein appealed on the grounds one of the owners of the whipping bid also operates parks casino in bensalem. . hundreds of students staged a die-in outside of the school district of philadelphia headquarters tonightch the students protested grand jury decisions not to indiet officers in furgeson and new york city. demonstrateers also said they gathered to speak out against violence in all forms. homeless advocates gathered in
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dilworth park outside city hall tonight to remember those who died this yearsome held signs with names of lives lost and other held up lights in their honor. statistics show there's 6,000 homeless them philadelphia and an average of 45 die every year. homeless memorial day is national event aimed at bring ago tension to the homeless crisis. it may not be nice to fool mother nature but just this once, it was okay for one military man to fool his mother. and what a surprise it was. "action news" shirleen alicott is there with the story. >> this surprise was one of a kind. you'll see for yourself in a moment. it has been a full year since private first class jake henery saw his home. he's used to be in a oun form and tonight he went undercover as a bird for unforgettable homecoming. >> i've never been gone a year before.
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>> jake henery is home for the holidays and no one knows about it just yet. henery a combat engineer was deployed during christmas of 201 and his orders to middle east were cancelled and he's been stationed at fort riley kansas ever since. philadelphia native is here to surprise his mom. >> no one knows i'm here right now. so, my mom will probably cry. it will be fun. >> to pull off the big surprise henery came to red robin snrawbts trevose near his mother's home. he'll dress up like red, the mascot, and go out to his mother's table where she's having dinner. so it's time to suit up. first pants and one-piece body suit and then make sure it is zipped up nice and tight and then the bright yellow shirt, big red sneakers and the gloves and last but not least the birkhead then it's off to greet folks having dinner with one special customer in mind the
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mascot begins to pick on her. she plays along as a good sport until the big reveal. >> mom and son together again this mom is filled with joy. >> it's everything we're altogether. and when he's not here we're not together. so i'm so happy. >> this soldier happy to see his family and wow his mom. >> i think it went pretty damn well. she cried. so we did good. >> he got her pretty good. henery will be home for 18 days and plenty of time to spends with family and friends. he also brought some soldiers with him who could not get to their families for the holidays. and jim, he tells me the very first thing he did when he got back to the delaware valley went to a wawa. >> there you go. >> classic right? >> thank you sharee great story. >> still to come on "action news" tonight a dog that went missing in north carolina ends
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up in chester and we have reaction from its owner down south. >> plus, their duty is to protect. tonight they also provided. philadelphia police officers take youngsters on a shopping spree. >> we reached a cool high of 31. plenty of chilly air through the weekend and i'm tracking a warm-up and it will come the a cost. i'm explain in the accuweather forecast. >> and jeff skversky with the flyers panthers watch-up when >> and jeff skversky with the flyers panthers watch-up when "action news" continues tonight
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>> we're starting to piece together how max the dog grot high point north carolina to streets of pennsylvania. let's go live toe "action news" reporter annie mccormick who is at the philadelphia animal hospital in southwest philadelphia. any, you have answers.
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>> reporter: and jim, we actually just received a phone call from "action news" viewer who saw max on "action news." he tells us its with a relative who picked up max roaming streets of north carolina and brought him to delaware county where today he got out. only max probably knows details of his journey and now owners down south are glad he's coming home. happy, healthy and far from home. 3 1/2 year max's discovery is making of a christmas miracle. >> i think he's real lucky considering going home. >> delaware county animal control officer lisa stewart says kids found him in chester and brought him to eddy stone police. a microchip revealed his identity. >> he's in philadelphia animal hospital. >> actually from north carolina not sure how he got here. >> from high point north carolina specifically his journey spanned offer a month's
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time. treacy harris the owner said she and her daughter did not believe the call. we reached her by phone. >> i said there's no way you you could have my dog my dog is missing in north carolina. but we have your dog. >> they sent a picture and she knew. >> without a doubt he's my buddy sleeps on my bed every night. >> normally it would take a week to get him home. his owner wants him home in time for christmas. >> i want him home. it's just the best christmas. i don't have words to describe. it i have a christmas bonus today to be honest with you and that's going right back out the door to pay to get max home and pay for vet bill and pay to have him import boarded tonight but i don't care. >> clearly a dog who likes to run, jim, that viewer that called says they're happy that max is going to his real home. for now reporting live in southwest philadelphia, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news," jim.
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>> thank you, annie. family of missing northeast philadelphia man desperate for answers. 69-year-old vitae maglia last seen sunday night driving castor avenue. yesterday gmc was found abandoned and torched in north philadelphia. his family says he has health problems and needs daily medication. a west philadelphia woman pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment in connection with death of her 11-year-old daughter in april. the 2-year-old sop of tiffany goldwire pickedp a loaded revolver in the home and accidentally shot his sister jamaris stevens. goldmeier was not in the room at the time of shooting and faces 8 to 17 years in prison. >> two philadelphia businesses chipped in to help raise money for family of fallen firefighter joyce craig. gloss night club in hunting park teamed up with punch line apparel to hold a fish fry
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tonight and proceeds benefit a fund for cais's two children a 1-year-old son and 16-month-old daughter. craig died while battling a fire in west oak lane last week. philadelphia police officers from the 24th disstrict had a chance to see what it feels like to be isn't aclause tonight. officers took dozens of neighborhood children to target to pick up early christmas presentsch the store donated 40, 50-dollar gift cards to the children in the communicate. >> i oh, draidle, draidle, draidle, draidle, i made it out of clay. >> it was fun for the whole family at this han calf celebration in cherry hill tonight. the children had a chance to spend their -- spin their new draidlees and adults got a chance to see old friends and make new ones and for the grand finale they lit a giant manorah on top. >> third night of hanukkah. >> it's that time of year.
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>> starting to feel like the holiday season, too. >> starting to cool off there. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing know rain, no snow out there. so a great night for a holiday celebration. hon calf celebration or to take a look at some christmas lights in media. now, this is marcela lane walk family home and owners tell us that they were inspired by dann cuellar's halloween display every year. so they're definitely putting up a lot of lights. that neighborhood is flowing. temperatures right now really slow to cool off. our high, 41 degrees today. we dropped down to 38. allentown 37, wilmington 37, millville 36. winds died down and we have a breeze 9 miles an hour. that creates a wind chill making if feel like 30 in philadelphia, feels like 28 sea ail sitey and feels like 29 wilmington tone and 27 in beach haven. satellite 6 along with action radar sunshine mainly around
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philadelphia and areas east this afternoon and clouds really rolled in. but high pressure will build in. this means clouds will gradually be breaking up through the overnight hours and tomorrow pretty nice day. again it feels on the cool side, 41. same as today. but the winds won't be as strong. feels better, 33 below average. mixture of clouds and sunshine. heading into saturday. high pressure builds in bringing us a good amount of sunshine calm down winds and cools us off a little. high of 40. conditions will be dry and we'll see sunshine and that high pressure will keep low pressure i've been talking about for several days way down south and track shifted further down south. that will be heading out to sea. it will not bring us any rain. it will not bring us any snow. some people are dreaming of a white christmas. white christmas means we have 1" of snow on the ground and it does not happen that often. historical average over past 30
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years gives us typically 7.9% chance of having a white christmas. not a good chance. this year the chance looks lower since i'm tack a storm system that pulls up warm air open christmas eve as well as some rain. so at this point it doesn't look like we'll have a white christmas. tomorrow, though, good amount of sunshine in the skies. planning ot your day, 1:00, 40, 4:00 is 39. partly sunny high of 40. we drop to 40 saturday. bump it back to 44 on sunday. wiptser officially moves in at 6:0 sunday evening and first full day of winter will be on west side. rain in afternoon. high of 46 degrees. on tuesday we warm up to 51 degrees. but it comes with clouds and drizzle. and wednesday, christmas eve it will be rainy and very windy during the day. a mild high of 56 degrees.
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behind that system we dry out. christmas day. howling winds could gust up to 40, 50 miles an hour. pretty nice weekend. then it gets somewhat wet and dreary. >> not what they had in mind for christmas ever and day. >> if the track changes by 500 miles could be snow. >> could be a christmas meerk. >> let's do it. >> we'll see. >> sapts amaids a stop in camden that made for happy children. camden aquarium hosted toys for camden kids holiday celebration >> jm a kimle live coming up 11:35 after "action news" here's jim question with a preview of tonight's show. >> thanks, jim, hello, philadelphia. take a gabbeder what is up with us after the news. >> that's loud. >> it's bad it was a mistake what do you do i make mistakes. >> when you see the show you'll what do you do i make mistakes. >> when you see the show you'll be ashamed
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should be in my near future.
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[ sighs ] 12 cooks. holiday food. let's do this thing. benjamin: i made a seared roasted chicken with a crispy stuffing, gravy, and a little cranberry on top. merry christmas! thanks but this gift, it's kind of half-fast. what's wrong? we still have cable internet, so our uploads are half the speed of our downloads. so i'll be half-fast when i share my photos. and i'll do a half-fast job updating my blog.
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wait, is everything under this tree half-fast? who wants eggnog? don't settle for half fast cable internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch. uploads as fast as downloads. get this great price online guaranteed for two full years plus $400 back with a 2-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v . flyers panthers at the wells fargo septemberer here's jeff skversky. >> they're having a tough time this flyers team. what's going on? any time now, waiting and waiting for flyers to get going. only one neem eastern conference worse and playoff chances getting slimmer by the day. lightsing up against florida after sitting out the last few weeks. scotty upshall crashing the net. gets the rebound in front.
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beats steve mason. first goal against former team. flyers fall behind 1-0. come from behind. behind the neat, when a pass. we're tied at 1. and it stays that way until the shootout. sixth around of extra session dave bowland yeah under his leg. flyers need a goal to stay alive. come on, get in there, no. stoned by roberto. they picked up a point and lost last ten shootouts. >> i don't have an answer to that. we work on it. probably a mental thing more than anything. >> eagles have not lost to the redskins in two years and know saturday would got be a good time for that to change. let's not talk about that. this is a must-win game for the eagles, mark sanchez and the birds trying to block out all confusing scenarios and focus
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open the redskins. worst thing the eagles can do this week is think washington is easy win because they're worst team in nfc east. >> coming to prove a point and i think if we show up sitting on our hands we might get punched in the face. >> it means everything we're playing well and robert griffin looked good last week when he played. he has a lot to play for obviously. we'll get their best shot and they'll get our best shot. >> eagles/redskins saturday. eagles game day kickoff saturday at 2:00 and we'll wrap it up with exclusive interviews and highlights "eagles game day final" after "action news" at 11 saturday night. final" after "action news" at 11 saturday night. we're right back after this.
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>> after a tough loss to villanova temple trying to rebound tonight in delaware. this should be a lay-up right the blue helps without a win and we're more than a month into the season. sadly, you see the mascot more entertaining than basketball now. pick it up second half temple for the slam on the baseline. 20 tonight. temple up 21. new kid on the block devon coleman transfer from clemson making his debut, knocked down nine. temple wins by 20. in delaware, stepth ranked kansas can next for temple. >> and surprising children with a shopping spree or city avenue. steering this kid to the ninja turtle section cowabunga hopefully sixers are rewarded with a big win at home. still have not won at home. >> they picked up fans tonight. >> i want that toy. >> you got it. >> finally tonight a holiday concert by some very talented youngsters in north philadelphia
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♪ this is the gospel choir made up of students from 4 through 8 grade in addition to holiday songs youngsters dedicated a special selection to pope francis in advance of his trip to philadelphia next september. >> "jimmy kimmel live" on channel 6 followed by "nightline". "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for cecily tynan, jeff skversky, ducis rogers, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, ducis rogers, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- mel brooks. from "into the woods," christine baranski. this year in unnecessary censorship. and music from jenny lewis. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the most of the show thank you for the watching. happy holidays to


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